Tag Mirror on LibraryThing

Tim Spalding, creator of LibraryThing, has come up with something new that’s quite interesting. It’s called the tag mirror. Essentially, you get to see other people’s tags for your books. Great idea.

Here’s my tag mirror (I’m Pivo1 on LibraryThing). No real surprises, but there are some interesting connections. Not sure where “Christmas”came from. The “Geek” tag might also say something about my book collection–at least those that I have on LibraryThing.

I suspect there are loads of such filters and ways of structuring tags that have yet to be explored. We’re really only just beginning. With 22 million tags and inventive tagging mechanisms like the tag mirror, LibraryThing is a clear leader in this area. Keep your eye on Tim in the future.

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Head of Customer Experience at MURAL

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