The 2nd Edition of Mapping Experiences is available starting mid-December 2020. Some of the updates from the 1st you’ll enjoy are:

  • 40+ new diagrams and images
  • 8 new case studies
  • 1 new chapter
  • Several newly rewritten chapters
  • Updates throughout

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Mapping Experience is a bestselling book on visualizing experiences to turn insight into action.

From the back of the book:

It happens all the time: customers are frustrated by inconsistent, broken experiences with products and services, but people inside the organizations are so focused on business processes that they can’t easily pinpoint the problem. This practical book shows you how to turn valuable customer observations into actionable insight with alignment diagrams, a type of tool that lets you visually map your existing customer experience and envision future solutions.

Author Jim Kalbach shows designers, product and brand managers, marketing specialists, and business owners how the process of experience diagramming can help determine how and where business goals and customer perspectives intersect, so you can work to provide users with real value.

Mapping Experiences is divided into three parts:

  1. Understand the underlying principles of diagramming, and discover how these diagrams can
    inform strategy
  2. Learn how to create diagrams with the four iterative modes in the mapping process: setting up a mapping initiative, investigating the evidence, visualizing the process, and using diagrams in workshops and experiments
  3. See key diagrams in action, including service blueprints, customer journey maps, experience maps, mental models, and spatial maps and ecosystem models

Cover from the 1st Edition of Mapping Experiences:


Praise for Mapping Experiences

Mapping Experiences will help both designers and consumers of design services understand how to visualize experiences and the system ecology in which products and services exist with the all-important customer. His approach to the subject is both broad and deep. The analytical and practical/practice chapters speak directly to the current interest in visual artifacts associated with strategy and service design.”
Paul Kahn, Experience Design Director, Mad*Pow, author of Mapping Websites (Rockport Publishers)

“Our experiences interacting with faceless companies often make us ill. Mapping Experiences, wielded properly, might actually do something to eliminate the all-too-typical shoulder shrugging and buck passing we face—and help designers and decision-makers alike become customer experience heroes.”
Lou Rosenfeld, publisher Rosenfeld Media, co-author of Information Architecture for the Web and Beyond (O’Reilly)

“Thoughtful. Rigorous. Clear. Jim Kalbach’s Mapping Experiences literally creates a new cartography for organizations and innovators to successfully navigate design processes. His essential themes of “designing to align” and “aligning to design” address the key issues I see in enterprises seeking to better organize around UX.”
—Michael Schrage, Research fellow at MIT Sloan School’s Initiative on The Digital Economy, Author of Who Do You Want Your Customers to Become? (Harvard Business Review Press)