Twitter and Tweetr

I’ve decided to give Twitter another chance after having dismissed it wholesale previously. The main reason is because I came across Tweetr 2.0, which is made with Adobe’s AIR technology. It’s pretty cool–you essentially have a little app that sits open on your desktop waiting for a Twitter post.

The other problem I have with Twitter is that I don’t have a network connections and can’t seem to add it to my WordPress blog page. So I’m just Twittering into thin air…unless someone out there wants to invite me to be a Twitter-friend.

About Jim Kalbach

Head of Customer Experience at MURAL


  1. I use the “flash, just me” badge on my wordpress site:

    (and let me know your sn, I’ll be your friend!)

  2. James Kalbach

    I actually tried that, but I couldn’t seem to get the code to “stick” in WordPress. Which widget should I be using?

    My Twitter name is Pivo1

  3. I don’t use so I dont know if they have any limitations.. I created a text widget on the sidebar and pasted the code in..

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