WORKSHOP: Defining UX Strategy – Using Design to Solve Business Problems

Businesses typically view UX design as a tactical activity. More and more, however, companies are turning to UX as a source of strategic growth. As they do so, creating a design strategy and aligning it with business goals becomes essential. For many UX designers this represents a new challenge requiring an expanded skill set.

This workshop provides a solid background for understanding, building and communicating an effective UX Strategy. Through many examples, hands-on activities, and references to relevant literature, you’ll learn about this emerging field that is critical to the future of UX.

In particular, we’ll be working with a tool I created based on combination of research and practical experience called the UX Strategy Blueprint.

3-17 blueprint.png

This course is suited for information architects, interaction designers, visual designers, content strategists, and UX designers seeking to better understand strategy, as well as product managers and developers interested in UX strategy. It is geared towards practicioners with an intermediate to advance level of understanding of UX design, in general.

Workshop Outline

  • Critical look at what “strategy” is and isn’t, and why we need UX strategy
  • A framework for building a UX strategy and aligning with business goals
  • Hands-on exploration of key tools in creating a strategy
  • How to effectively communicate and advocate UX strategy


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