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Walking Jazz Bass Etudes (Self-published, 2012) (Order via Lulu)

Training Videos / Webinars

Mapping the User Experience” (O’Reilly, 2014)

Designing for Discovery: Faceted Navigation” (O’Reilly, 2014)

Defining a UX Design Strategy,” UIE Virtual Seminar (UIE, 2014)


“Jazz Improv, with a Side of Team Collaboration,” Lean Startup Conference (Dec, 2014)

“Jazz Improvisation as a Model for Radical Collaboration,” BayCHI meet-up (Dec, 2014)

“Jazz Improvisation as a Model for Radical Collaboration,” TEDx Jersey City (Nov, 2014)

UX Strategy and Jobs To Be Done” IxDA of Northern NJ (Nov 2014)

Aplplying Jobs To Be Done To UX Strategy ” UX STRAT Conference, Boulder CO (Sep 2014)

There Is No Such Thing As Mistakes: Surprising Insights From Jazz Improvisation” with Jeff Gothelf, RE:Design Brooklyn (Apr 2014)

Undiscovered Public Knowledge and IA” World IA Day, Ann Arbor Michigan (Feb 2014) Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zT5pFcgUQ2k 

Commercial R&D” IA Konferenz, Berlin (May, 2013)

The Ask”  Design for UX Conference, Cologne (Apr 2013)

Designing For Discovery With Faceted Navigation” UX London  (Apr 2013)

Human Factors in Innovation: Designing for Adoption” UX Brighton (Nov 2012)  Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YJP6ZO476-k 

RITE: Testing and Business Driver with Carola Weller, Euro IA 2012, Rome, Italy ” (Sep 2012)

Solving Business Problems with UX Strategy” IA Konferenz in Essen, Germany (May 2012)  WINNER: Best Conference Presentation

Alignment Diagrams: Strategic UX Deliverables” (Sept 2010) Euro IA Summit, Paris, France.

The Navigation Layer: Making Sense Of It All” (April 2010) first Polish IA Summit, Warsaw, Poland.

Human Factors in Innovation“ Euro IA conference in Copenhagen, Denmark (Sep 2009)

Principles of Web Navigation” webinar given via Rosenfeld media, online (June 2009)

“Commercial Ethnography: Innovating Information Experiences” (Feb 2009), closing keynote given at the Italian IA Conference 2009, Forli, Italy.

“Kommerzielle Ethnographie – ein Ansatz für Innovationen“ (November 2008) World Usability Day event in Hamburg, Germany.

Commercial Ethnography: Innovating Information Experiences” (September 2008) Euro IA Conference 2008, Amsterdam.

Navigating the Long Tail” (September 2007) Euro IA Conference 2007, Barcelona, Spain.

Global Taxonomies Meet Interface Design: Challenges and Best Practise” (27 March 2006) IA Summit 2006, Vancouver, Canada.

Global Taxonomies Meet Interface Design: Challenges and Best Practise” poster presentation with Theba Islam and Fabrice Druelle, at the Euro IA Conference, Brussels, Belgium (Oct 2005)

“Informationsarchitektur in Deutschland definiert” (28 May 2005), panel discussion; & “Nachlese IA-Summit in Montreal 2005” (28 May 2005), presentation. Both at the German IA Tagung 2005, Frankfurt, Germany.

“Information Search Experience” (6 February 2004) 4th annual Mensch und Computer Konference 2004, Paderborn, Germany.

Information Search Experience: Emotions in Information Seeking” (29 February 2004)  5th Annual ASIST SIG IA Summit, Austin, Texas.

“Information Architecture: More Than Just A Sitemap” (9 December 2002) UPA German Chapter, Regional Group Hamburg.

“Information Architecture” (28 May 2002). One-day training on information architecture for Razorfish employees. With discussion and exercises.

Audi Relaunch” (16 March 2002) case study presented at the 3rd Annual ASIST SIG IA Summit, Baltimore, Maryland.

“Können Informationen gestaltet werden?,” (“Can information be designed?”)(2 July 2001 and 2 July 2002). Guest lectures given to an HCI course at the Freie Universität Berlin. Heike Schaumburg, Instructor. (heike@cmr.fu-berlin.de).

“Was macht gutes Web-Design?,” (“What is good web design?”)(18 April 2001). Presentation on usability and information architecture given at a meeting of the VDI Arbeitskreis: BMV AG Internetmanagement (Association of Media Engineers, Working group for Internet Management, Hamburg, Germany).

“Information Architecture and Usability for the Web,” (26 June 2000). Guest lecture given to a HCI course at the Freie Universität Berlin. Heike Schaumburg, Instructor. (heike@cmr.fu-berlin.de).

“Creating a Successful Website,” (18 March 1999). Poster presentation at the annual national conference of the Music library Association, Los Angeles, CA.

“Adapting to the Client: A Consultant’s Experience,” (11 February 1998). Poster presentation at the annual national conference of the Music library Association, Boston, MA.

Articles & Papers

UX Strategy Blueprint,” UIE blog (Aug 2014)

Design better faceted navigation for your websites” .NET Magazine (Apr 2014)

Balancing Value with Alignment Diagrams,” Touchpoint: The Journal of Service Design (4/3, 2013)

“Position is Everything,” sidebar in the article “Master Mobile Navigation” by Aaron Gustafson, .net (Sept 2012)

Designing Screens Using Cores and Paths,” with Karen Lindemann, Boxes and Arrows (August 2012)

Alignment Diagrams: Focusing the business on shared value,” Boxes and Arrows (Sept 2011)

Locating Value with Alignment Diagrams,” Parsons Journal of Information Mapping, 3/2 (April 2011)

“Website-Konzeption – der Kern Ihres Angebots bestimmt das Navigations-Design,” (in German) with Karen Lindemann, Website Boosting, (March 2011)

“Facettierte Navigation: jeder kennt sie, doch wie funktionert sie eigentlich?” (in German) with Karen Lindemann, Website Boosting, p. 43-48 (Sept-Oct/2010)

Customer Journey Mapping Resources On The Web,” blog post on Experiencing Information (May 2010, with subsequent updates)

On Uncertainty in Information Architecture,” Journal of Information Architecture, 1(1), 48-55 (Spring 2009)

Navigating the Long Tail,” ASIST Bulletin (Dec/Jan 2008)

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Printing the Web,” Boxes and Arrows, Translation into Belorussian provided by ucallweconn (13 January 2003)

Challenging the Status Quo: Audi Redesigned,” Boxes and Arrows (9 June 2002)

The Myth of ‘Seven, Plus or Minus 2’,” Dr. Dobb’s (January 2002)

The Myth of 800×600,” Dr. Dobb’s (Mar 2001)

Understanding Innovation,” Razorfish Reports, 045 (Jan 2001)

Designing for Information Foragers: A Behavioral Model for Information Seeking on the World Wide Web,” Internet Working (3.3), 9 (Dec 2000)

Get to Know Your Audience: Website Log Files Inform Design,” Razorfish Reports, 028 (Aug 2000)

Book Reviews

Review of Free, by Chris Anderson. Hyperion, 2009.

Review of The Innovator’s Guide to Growth, by Scott Anthony, Mark Johnson, Joseph Sinfield, and Elizabeth Altman. Harvard Business Press, 2008.

Review of Subject To Change, by Peter Merholz, Brandon Schauer, David Verba, and Todd Wilkens (Adaptive Paths), O’Reilly, 2008.

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