Navigating Microsoft SharePoint

We’ve had SharePoint at work for over a year now. I’ve heard nothing but complaints from colleagues about how to use it. Sure, it might solve technical problems and allow for some flexibility, but the usability of the system stinks.

I’ve had an unusual thing happen while using it: seems the more I use it, the worse I get at it. I feel I’ve actually un-learned how to use it. Is there such thing as a negative learning curve? If so, Microsoft has figured out how to do it.

I’m surprised there isn’t more discussion about how bad it is, particularly the navigation. I’m constantly searching for the right link to click, and often am lead to click the wrong thing. Curiously, most of things you see about SharePoint on the web are about how to implement it, how to customize the CSS, and so forth.

One problem is that it tries to be like Office applications, but it’s web based. Navigating for desktop apps and websites isn’t the same thing. So there seems to be a collision of approaches in SharePoint. Maybe it’s just me, but SharePoint is embarrassingly bad.

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