WORKSHOP: Web Navigation and Faceted Search Design – Saturday Oct 22 in NYC

I’m happy to announce I’ll be giving a one-day workshop on some my favorite topics in New York City:

  • What: “Web Navigation and Faceted Search Design”
  • When: Saturday October 22, 9:00-5:00
  • Where: General Assembly, 902 Broadway, NY, NY, 10010

General Assembly is hosting the event. You can register online at their website.

The first half of the day will cover various aspects of web navigation design. The second half will focus specifically on faceted search. Here’s a list of the topics covered:

  • Principles of navigation – We’ll look at principles such as transitional volatility, banner blindness, and the scent of information.
  • Mechanisms and types of navigation – Mechanisms are the basic building blocks of navigation systems. We’ll review and analyze a wealth of examples.
  • Cores and Paths – You’ll apply many of the principles from throughout the day with a modern technique called Cores and Paths. This turns the normal approach to navigation design on its head—from the inside out.
  • Analysis and implementation of facets – You’ll learn how to identify, document and implement facets with a clear framework.
  • Interface design using facets – You’ll learn about the layout, display, and interaction with facets in detail. Together, we’ll examine numerous real-world examples.
  • Advanced topics – You will also be exposed to special topics in faceted search design, including SEO, selecting multiple values, grouping, and more.

See the full workshop description for more details.

This is some of my best material, and I’m looking forward to the event.


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