EuroHCIR 2011 Papers Announced

We’re pleased to announce the line up for the EuroHCIR 2011 workshop–the first HCIR event to be held outside the US. It will be held as part of the British HCI Conference in Newcastle on July 4.  The program will include:

  • Short slots for oral presentations of the 9 accepted papers
  • A keynote address
  • A poster session
  • Interactive group activities
You don’t need to register for the HCI Conference to participate in the workshop. Please join us!

Accepted Papers

  • The potential of Recall and Precision as interface design parameters for information retrieval systems situated in everyday environments
    Ayman Moghnieh and Josep Blat
  • The Mosaic Test: Benchmarking Colour-based Image Retrieval Systems Using Image Mosaics
    William Plant, Joanna Lumsden and Ian Nabney.
  • Exploratory Search in an Audio-Visual Archive: Evaluating a Professional Search Tool for Non-Professional Users
    Marc Bron, Jasmijn Van Gorp, Frank Nack and Maarten De Rijke
  • A Taxonomy of Enterprise Search
    Tony Russell-Rose, Joe Lamantia and Mark Burrell
  • Evaluating the Cognitive Impact of Search User Interface Design Decisions
    Max L. Wilson
  • Supplying Collaborative Source-code Retrieval Tools to Software Developers
    Juan M. Fernández-Luna, Juan F. Huete and Julio Rodriguez-Cano
  • Problem Solved: A Practical Approach to Search Design
    Vegard Sandvold
  • Back to MARS: The unexplored possibilities in query result visualization
    Alfredo Ferreira, Pedro B. Pascoal and Manuel J. Fonseca.
  • Interactive Analysis and Exploration of Experimental Evaluation Results
    Emanuele Di Buccio, Marco Dussin, Nicola Ferro, Ivano Masiero, Giuseppe Santucci and Giuseppe Tino

Accepted Posters

  • Towards User-Centered Retrieval Algorithms
    Manuel J. Fonseca
  • Design Thinking Search User Interfaces
    Arne Berger
  • The Development and Application of an Evaluation Methodology for Person Search Engines
    Roland Brennecke, Thomas Mandl and Christa Womser-Hacker

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