UX Fest Feb 2011 – Four Workshops With William Hudson and James Kalbach

I’m proud to be part of William Hudson’s UX Fest in London in February 2011. We’re planning 4 workshops in all:

There are several ways to get a discount:

  • Early bird price
  • 3-for-2 special
  • Or book all 4 workshops for a single price.

I’ll be giving two day-long workshops:

Workshop 1 – Designing Web Navigation

Wednesday February 9, 2011, Central London (James Kalbach)

This full-day workshop covers principles of web navigation and methods of navigation design with practical examples and exercises. Participants should have some experience creating or maintaining websites but are looking to deepen their design skills.

Topics include:

  • Principles of navigation
  • Scent of information
  • Elements of navigation: mechanisms, types and pages
  • Cores and Paths

Workshop 2 – Faceted Search & Beyond

Thursday February 10, 2011, Central London (James Kalbach)

Faceted navigation has become very popular in the last decade. It’s seen as way to improve the findability of information on many sites, particularly those with large collections of products or documents. The design of real-world faceted navigation systems, however, proves to be more intricate than people first assume, and designers must be aware of many details.

This workshop covers principles of faceted classification and shows you how to use facets in web design. Many examples of faceted navigation will be presented and discussed. A clear, structured framework for understanding the individual components is presented to help you understand all the decisions involved. The topics are brought to life through several hands-on exercises.

Topics include:

  • Facet analysis
  • Implementing facets
  • Interface design using facets
  • Advanced topics  including SEO, selecting multiple values, grouping, and more

Audience for both workshops:

  • Beginner to intermediate web designers, including interaction designers, graphic designers, and information architects
  • Usability experts looking to improve web design skills
  • Project managers, product mangers, and others working in related roles seeking to better understand web navigation design, who also have some experience creating websites.

Workshops In German

In April 2011, I’ll also be giving workshops on similar topics in German in Hamburg. See the “Workshops” link on my blog (to the right) for more details.

About Jim Kalbach

Head of Customer Experience at MURAL

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  1. This workshop is pretty extensive. It also covers a great number of topics. This is really awesome to have this for beginning web developers.

    Jazz Website

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