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The folks at Information Architects Japan have an interesting article about typography online. The title says it all: Web Design is 95% Typography.  A little exaggerated in propotion but they make a good point: typography online is often neglected and misunderstood. I agree with this point. Finding a good information design specialized in online typography.

The resources at the end of the article are really good.

The problem I have with this article, though, is that it’s not well written. (Note that this comment is not based on grammar alone as I realize the authors may not be native English speakers–it’s more about the structure and argument presentation). This is something that annoys me more and more. Maybe I’m getting like a grumpy old man as I get older, but writing also seems to be a forgotten craft. There are some bad writers out there. But content still is kind, you know.

Maybe I’ll write an article with the title “Web Design is 95% Writing Well.”

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  1. Typography is very important in a website. Content is king as it pertains to the major search engines. Then design and usability are important to the end user. If you don’t know what your website it about within 3 seconds of looking at it, you’re in trouble.

  2. May want to check out FuelYourWriting.com – A place where writers congregate. :)

    Good typography is really only great when backed by good writing!

  3. I personally don’t like how some websites put either too many or too little fonts / types on. I think the “golden rule” of 3 different types to be used in one document applies in web design same as in print. Btw – I can’t wait the day when you’ll be able to use just any fon in your pages – the current web fonts are incredibly limiting …

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  5. I’m looking for a typographer for my site: http://www.daytoursydney.com.au

    any suggestions would be appreciated!


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