Journal of Information Architecture, Issue 1, Volume 1

The first issue of the Journal of Information Architecture (JofIA) has finally arrived. I contributed a piece on uncertainty. Here’s the table of contents:

  • Dorte Madsen
    Editorial: Shall We Dance?
    pp. 1-5
  • Gianluca Brugnoli
    Connecting the Dots of User Experience
    pp. 6-15
  • Helena Francke
    Towards an Architectural Document Analysis
    pp. 16-36
  • Andrew Hinton
    The Machineries of Context
    pp. 37-47
  • James Kalbach
    On Uncertainty in Information Architecture
    pp. 48-55

It was a long time coming and a lot of people put a ton of work into the launch of the journal. Congratulations to everyone involved.

About Jim Kalbach

Head of Customer Experience at MURAL

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