Workshops in Hamburg – Lou Rosenfeld & James Kalbach

Lou Rosenfeld and I will be giving a series of workshops in Hamburg, Germany from May 18-20–right after the German IA Konferenz. Find out more and register at UX Workshops.

Here’s a brief overview of the workshops

  • May 18, 2009 – Enterprise Information Architecture – Louis Rosenfeld
    Developing a unified web site or intranet for a large, decentralized organization is the Holy Grail for many of today’s Internet professionals. This day-long seminar is for managers and web professionals who desperately want to tie together content in a rational, user-centered way, regardless of content ownership issues, cultural hurdles, and turf battles.This advanced information architecture seminar combines lecture, demonstration and exercises, discussion, and handouts to address a topic that bewilders every large organization: designing unified information architectures for large enterprises.
  • May 19, 2009 – Commercial Ethnography – James Kalbach
    Ethnographic research methods have many potential advantages for businesses, including helping to increase insight into customer behaviour, make the real world visible the entire organisation and identify opportunities for innovation. In this course, you will learn about practical skills needed to conduct an ethnographic study from beginning to end. The course outline walks through each phase step-by-step.
  • May 20, 2009 – Personas and Mental Models – James Kalbach
    Communicating user research effectively is critical for user-centred design. This full-day course has two parts that show how to bring your research to life:
    Part 1: Personas – Personas have become a mainstream design tool. There’s even a growing body of literature on the subject, including two full-length books. But there are also misconceptions and misuses of personas in the field.
    Part 2: Mental Models – The term “mental models” means different things to different people. In this workshop, we use the term broadly to refer to any technique used to understand the behavioural, cognitive, and emotional states of users.

The early bird price runs until April 2. There’s limited place for each of the workshops.

Register at

Karen Lindemann from Netflow is the sponsor and producer of the events.

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