IA Summit Program

The IA Summit 2009 program looks to be stellar once again:

I’m particularly excited about the keynote speaker: Michael Wesch–a real live anthropologist and forerunner in the field of digital ethnography. In my talk on ethnography at the Euro IA conference in Amsterdam, I made the point that IAs need to be doing more ethnography. I wonder if he’ll make a similar point.

In this light, the “Evolve or Die” panel looks interesting to me too. So does “Strategies for Enabling UX to Play a More Strategic Role.” I can’t decide which presentation to go to for most of the other time slots–typical for the IA Summit.

Unfortunately, I have to miss Jesse James Garrett’s closing keynote speech. Arrgh. That may change, but I don’t think so.

Be there or be square.

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Head of Customer Experience at MURAL

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