Semager – German Semantic Search Engine

Semager is a freely available semantic search engine out of Würzburg. The UI is a little lack-luster, for starters. But more importantly, I’m not convinced of the results–at least not based on the searches I tried.

A search for “usability,” for instance, exposes “testing” as the #1 related keyword. OK, that’s fine. But then they seem to be using those terms for further search processing (I’m guessing), so that the 5th and 6th results are about testing, but not usability testing.

And an ego-search for my name didn’t surface my book in the results or in the related terms, which had “pragmatism” as the first one. Oh well.

About Jim Kalbach

Head of Customer Experience at MURAL

One comment

  1. Jonathan

    My German isn’t good enough to work out how they’re actually feeding their semantic engine. That’s the thing with semantic search – in theory it could totally rock out, but in practice it’s too dependent on the subtleties of meaning (or simple lack of knowledge about that). Incidentally, Google are rumoured to be working in semantic aspects into PageRank.

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