Booze Search

Here’s an interesting vertical search engine from Australia: Boozle. You can find the cheapest prices of liquor in stores in your area. Talk about a long tail market search engine…

Couldn’t find Westvleteren anywhere in .AU though (which isn’t a surprise, I guess: you can’t get it in Germany directly either).

About Jim Kalbach

Head of Customer Experience at MURAL


  1. I have westvleeteren at home if you want… ;-)I propose the next worldwide UX / IA convention will be organized in belgium.

  2. James Kalbach

    Actually, the very first Euro IA in 2005 was held in Brussels. See: The suggestion to do it there wasn’t random: I was sitting in the Bierodrome with Theba and Jared in London when the idea came to me. :-)

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