The Taxonomy and Folksonomy Cookbook

Daniela Barbosa put together The Taxonomy and Folksonomy Cookbook, which available as a free download.

It’s fairly basic, but makes some really good arguments and points about taxonomies and folksonomies. The writing is direct and very accessible–more for non-professionals. But if you’re trying to put together arguments for and against taxonomies and folksonomies, she’s done a lot of the work for you. Check it out.

Oh, the design is stunning too. Who says library science and information architecture have to be dull and boring?

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Head of Customer Experience at MURAL


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  2. Thanks for posting James and I am glad you like it. We tried to keep it fun and simple to ‘digest’ (excuse the pun ;-) and i have been receiving a lot of great feedback from enterprises who are just thinking about dipping their toes in.

    My design team did a wonderful job of putting this ebook together. And i was very impressed because a lot of our usual stuff is soooo drab- so cheers to them!

    And yes- just saw your email i do remember meeting you once at a IA Summit years ago and that you are also a SCILS graduate!

    thanks for connecting on Twitter as well!

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