This is an interesting way to get engagement and hold attention. Give it a second to get going.


Is this a playful design of yours, Kars?

About Jim Kalbach

Head of Customer Experience at MURAL


  1. Ha, trying to see if I’m still reading along are you? Nope, not a design of mine, and really not much more than a cleverly designed ecard. But I understand why you associate it with my recent thinking. Need to do something about that, really‚Ķ (It’s HEMA by the way. With an A.)

  2. James Kalbach

    Good point, Kars. This isn’t really a playful interface to interact with–it’s just a funny movie to watch. Still, I found it clever and engaging. By the end of it, you’d have seen a good amount of their products that you might not have otherwise come across. This is more “Playful Marketing” than playful design.

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