Two Workshops in May (Hamburg) – IA and Navigation

I’m giving two all-day workshops on IA and Navigation here in Hamburg in May. The workshops are being organized and sponsored by Karen Lindemann of Netflow. See the details on Netflow’s site (in German only).

Registration is now open. The workshops will be held in German. Dates: 6.-7. May, 2008.

About Jim Kalbach

Head of Customer Experience at MURAL


  1. Simone Baust


    Unfortunately I missed the Workshop in Hamburg, May. Is it possible to get Workshop-Slides or any Information? Are you going to repeat the Workshop?

    Many thanks!
    Kind regards,
    Simone Baust

  2. James Kalbach


    Yes, we are planning to repeat the workshops in January next year. If you’d like, we can notify you.

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