Bloggers for Peer-Reviewed Research Reporting

I spotted this article on NPR about BPR3: Bloggers for Peer-Reviewed Research Reporting.

Basically, if you blog about peer-reviewed research, you can then add the approved BPR3 icon to that posting. Here’s the brief description from the BPR3 homepage:

“Bloggers for Peer-Reviewed Research Reporting strives to identify serious academic blog posts about peer-reviewed research by offering an icon and an aggregation site where others can look to find the best academic blogging on the Net.”

See more about the BPR3 guidelines here.

Ultimately, they want to offer an aggregation service that will filter blog postings to just show peer-reviewed entries.

To me, this points to how peer-reviewed information and top-down edited content can complement and co-exist alongside of user-generated content on the web via blogs and wikis and such. One type doesn’t have to replace the other, does it?

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