People Search Engines

Previously, I wrote about Spock–a new people search engine that scraps all kinds of public person data from the web. Here is an interesting article reviewing Spock and others:

These types of search services are drawing on a lot of resources, including open web pages, but also things like LinkedIn and even Twitter posts. Pipl claims to be doing deep web searches into the databases. This was my favorite of the bunch (apart from Spock) because the entity resolution seemed to be best.

Couldn’t help but think about Mags Hanley’s talk at the Euro IA Summit this year, where we discussed privacy and different levels of personal information. These types of meta-people-search sites are making any distinctions and going for it all, so it seems. It’ll probably be really hard to keep information private in the future.  We’re all giving off enormous amounts of exoinformation whether we know it or not.

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