Map Mixer from Yahoo!

Yahoo! has a new service called Map Mixer. You can upload an image of a map of just about anything and overlay this onto a Yahoo! map. There is then an opacity control to show more or less of the uploaded map. This ultimately allows people to tie their local areas and local mapping needs into a broader context.

For example, see the map of University of Southern California. This has far more detail of the campus than a normal Yahoo! map would ever show, but now you can also see how to get to the campus and where it’s located geographically.

You can also show a satellite image for the background map. This is particularly interesting, and it could be great for hiking maps and such. Very simple idea, but also very cool.

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  1. Thx a lot for this advice – a very important & interesting service – I see a lot of practical and added values – I’m dying to know what will happen with this service.
    … and thank you for this interesting blog ___ cu holger

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