Seven Lies of Information Architecture – Liz Danzico

Liz gave a talk at An Event Apart in Chicago recently called The Seven Lies of IA. Don’t have the presentation, but I bet it was a good talk. Here are the seven lies:

1. Navigation must be consistent.
2. There is a magic number (plus or minus two).
3. Users must get to all parts of the site all of the time.
4. Users must know where they are at all times.
5. The user experience must be seamless.
6. Shorter is better.
7. Information architects must do information architecture.

She and I spoke briefly about a few of these prior to the talk. Glad to see that they were well received.

I wrote a rather superficial article about #2 a while ago (see The Myth of “Seven, Plus or Minus 2”). Interesting that Liz had exactly seven lies…maybe ironic even? Still, that has nothing to do with web navigation: users can take in a lot more than seven options at a time.

I’m not sure about the difference between #1 and #5, but would like to know more. #7 is also intriguing to me. People have bashed IA for being too myopic recently, but I’ve never felt that IAs only do IA. Would like to hear more about that one too.

Nice job, Liz.

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  1. Thanks for your little chat beforehand too. Your article, however superficial you think it is (!), is really one of the few published pieces of its kind within the narrow subject matter.

    You can see what I put togethere here. Thanks again!

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